Hotels. Mice and men

I was wondering, when wandering

Why do I go to cities

When a city is city

The same, but

In every city is the feel of new

New places to love

To devour one’s lover

Hotel room anonymity

Loud crashing against the wall

The next day a new city

New love, new walls

Same Neighbours?

I dream at night of hotel prices

How much I can save

When loving

And crashing

My love into my love

Georgia – A State

Welcome to my littleĀ  blog about Georgia, the state, but more than that, a place where my mind can wander and reflect. Poetry is what comes to mind. Peaches. I hope someone out there, all 6 billion of you, that’s you, will find something in my poetry and my reflections.

My thoughts

I wander but I am static


But outside is all you see

Of me

Just another WordPress site